what a good travel platform needs

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So after jumping heads first on many travel projects like TUI, Air New Zealand, Travel Nation, Freedom Treks, Ski Safari (on-going) we had a good chance to learn what a good travel platform needs to be to convert a confused tourist looking to spend some money on holiday into a relaxed and satisfied customer who will go around the world repeatedly with his trusted agent.

user journeys

a perfect booking experience. complex integrations. flawless conversions.

We meet our tour hunter first. We’ve got a solo or a family holidaymaker on a tight budget and with a timeframe (or not) and he wants to go to his dream place just like he always does or he might just want to be blown away by the destination a clever agent will take him to.

In terms of producing a perfect, tailored experience we must consider many factors and meet various expectations. We have a complex database of agents, destinations, accommodation, on and off-peak options to work with. We need to make sure that all feeds and services like blogs, maps, providers and e-commerce all work properly and are well integrated to generate sales without any disruption.

We understand that any travel business depends on it.

We know it’s crucial that the hosting is fast and fully supported so your high resolution pics come up in no time and that all the parameters of your client’s dream journey will be processed effortlessly in that online machine and his jaw-dropping offer will be presented to him instantly. We need to look after a network of agents and give them tools to administer their content and adding those multi-language last minute offers so the stressed-out John Grey and his adventure seeking wife can finally enjoy themselves and recommend your service after their got back home.

features we find useful for travel sector


  1. integration with CRM system to speed up the process and keep a track of all prospects,

  2. Solr search functionality for holidays and destinations, which allows for results to be filtered to make sure John will find exactly what he’s after,

  3. online store with a range of currencies, secure payment gateway integration (i.e. SagePay, WorldPay etc.) synchronised with the central product database for a smooth global experience,

  4. bespoke reporting coded into the site to track conversion so the business can repeats its successes,

  5. import process and API integration from third party suppliers (flights, tours, ratings etc.)

  6. product architecture flexibility to allow promotions to specific packages, allowing to run sales for particular months.


To allow an efficient, flexible and global content management, even with limited editorial resource and for the best user experience we:

  1. simplified page creation, with built in validation, live previews and tagging of content for cross-promotion through the site,

  2. provide a single back-end to allow admins to manage content across various markets in many languages,

  3. create a range of content types to allow for a high degree of control over different pages types, like tours, news pages, hotels etc.,

  4. managed hosting on the Acquia network for the flawless speed,

  5. create a responsive website theme so it’s accessible on all devices.


We appreciate that to make this journey come true we need to help agents to communicate efficiently and they need to know how to use the website to sell their product; so what we also do is offer:

  1. online training modules for your agents and partners,

  2. single sign on solution,

  3. training for in-house developers to manage and deploy miggle's travel Drupal solution

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