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Karolina Account Manager

Karolina is our Account Manager at miggle. She joined the team as a full time Producer in March 2013. It quickly became apparent that she was naturally gifted at explaining complex things in ways that are easily understandable and she transitioned into Account Management. Karolina started her journey at miggle by managing support tasks for NHS (CCG Brighton & Hove) and Punktured, ensuring projects were resourced effectively, and bookkeeping.

At the moment, in addition to boosting the team’s morale and happiness, she’s in the process of taking over more and more communications between clients and miggle to ensure everyone’s efforts are being channelled the best ways possible. As a part of this process, Karolina is now also involved in the projects FC Lane, LAMDA, AVERT, Ski Safari, Travel Nation, Think Nation, CLPE, IAR and IDS.

Karolina comes from a PR and Marketing background in Arts. In her spare time she is involved in a community projects to promote mindfulness and a stress-free, purposeful leadership/life. Drupal taps directly into her idea of a global change being generated through a collaboration. She believes that online brings an operational freedom so it’s miggle - that’s why they work well together.

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