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Xavier Mirabelli-Montan, Drupal Developer

Xavier relocated from California in December 2013 to join the miggle team as a Drupal developer. With six years of Drupal development experience under his belt, he has taken on various Front-end, Back-end and SysAdmin tasks.

In addition to supporting clients with pre-existing Drupal sites, Xavier played an important role in developing Drupal projects for FC Lane, Travel Nation and Friday Media Group. 

He is always trying to deliver the best product to the client by implementing responsive design, Apache Solr search, version control and maintainable code whenever possible. Xavier is constantly trying to improve by looking for emerging technologies to use on projects and identifying technologies that improve the internal workflow.

As a member of the Drupal Association, Xavier is an active member in the Drupal community, attending and speaking at Drupal events such as DrupalCons and DrupalCamps. Additionally, he is on IRC offering support and has submitted patches and sandbox modules. He is also learning the new standards associated with the forthcoming release of Drupal 8.

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