all change at miggle

After exactly 11 years of running miggle, the last seven of which have been as specialists in providing solutions in Drupal, I have decided to make a significant change in the services we offer, which I believe will still be true to the core mantra we’ve always worked by. This is to be a safe pair of hands, delivering operational freedom for our clients in order to help make them self-sufficient. 

the power of a universal login – a history lesson from my time at Yahoo - part 1

I worked at Yahoo between 1999 and 2006. I'd say for the first two years we had a pretty much unparalleled opportunity. For the next two years it was probably on the verge of still being able to deliver on that, despite some existential challenges, and then for my last three years there I would say that it started down the long road of utterly losing its way. (Read about Brad Garlinghouse’s Peanut Butter Manifesto for a great commentary on that from 2006)