miggle receives Acquia Engage award for ThinkNation Drupal 8 site

We are thrilled to receive an #AcquiaEngage award in creating an excellent digital experience in Drupal, for our work on Lizzie Hodgson's project ThinkNation.co.

This year's entries included more than 150 partner and customer submissions. Nominations from 88 projects that demonstrated an advanced level of visual design, functionality, integration and overall experience advanced to the finalist round, where an outside panel of experts from the Drupal and Web Content Management communities selected the winning projects. The breadth of submissions was inspiring, and continues to affirm that Acquia partners and customers are setting the new precedent for exceptional digital experiences.

Here at miggle we had finalists in four categories, covering our work for NHS, Ski Safari/Freedom Treks and Avert, but it was in the Community Sites category that our work for ThinkNation ran out as the winner.

Alick, our MD said, "We were really chuffed not just to win the award, but to have had a high number of finalists among such an impressive list of digital experiences. It really underscores the quality of work I think the team have delivered for our clients across a range of sectors over the last year."

Aquia Award.jpg

ThinkNation encourages young people to think about how tech impacts everyday lives and the future. Given this ethos, when we were approached to build their site we were clear on two things. We needed to work out how we could bring a young person into the build process and that we needed to build it with the latest technology.

The goal of the initial site, launched in September 2015, was to promote ThinkNation’s first conference in December 2015. It showcased speakers, sponsors and event details, and incorporated a blog which was used to build up interest in the event and then post-event as a platform to post all sessions and discussions.

Because of the desire to use the latest technology, coupled with a requirement for inline editing capabilities, Drupal 8 seemed to be a great fit. As our first ever Drupal 8 site we initially launched this in Drupal 8-beta 14.

At miggle we have a history of providing week-long work experience placements to school children (14/15 year olds), and to deliver on the aim of bringing a young person into the build process we gave one of our placements the opportunity to get involved. Starting with no knowledge of Drupal (or any CMS for that matter), by the end of the week, he was theming, creating views and custom content types. From the starting point he gave us, we were able use the new CMS to build out the remainder of the site. With the new templating TWIG system in Drupal 8, we were able to easily convert a complex HTML mockup from the designer into a full functional inline editable templates.

The goal of the revamped site, launched June 2016, is to allow the site to cover what is now a growing event and partner programme, and to bring the great content front of stage.


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