flexible support from miggle

what is a miggle flexible support retainer? 

Our flexible support retainers enable us to support you in the day-to-day operation of your website.

They can be used as per the contract document, or they can be the starting point for the negotiation of a more tailor-made service level agreement (SLA), if different levels of response and fix time are needed, hours of coverage extended, or types of issue differentiated (i.e. between critical/high/medium/low etc.)

how do the retainers work?  what are the response times and how are charges calculated?

Once you’re ready for us to start supporting you, we’ll work with you to assess the level of support you’re likely to need on a weekly basis based on a three month term. We’ll then bill you for the full cost of your support upfront and undertake to deal with any issues you raise, up to your weekly hourly allowance, either same day, depending on severity, or by the end of the third business day after you’ve raised it. 

There is no minimum charge per request raised, so you are only billed for the time which you use.

what do retainers cover? 

Our retainers will generally cover the following

  • security and updates 
  • maintenance of your hosting
  • creation of automated tests
  • content management support 
  • training and documentation
  • project management, product management and QA 
  • new features (planning, design, development, test and deploy)
  • user experience (UX), information architecture (IA) and web 
  • marketing


If you think one of our flexible support retainers could work for you then please call 0800 043 6443 or  get in touch with us to find out more.